Okeechobee Fishing Report

It’s been a while since my last post but I hope to start posting on a frequent basis now that the 2013 season is underway.  The bite on Okeechobee has been hot and cold for most as the fish haven’t quite made a full commitment to the spawn.  There has been spawning activity taking place since October on the lake, but we have yet to see the big winter waves of females we’ve come use to seeing move up this time of the year.  I’ve had some good success recently taking 2nd place with 20lbs in the Bassbusters Tournament this past weekend fishing with my partner Donny Bass and taking 1st place the very next day with almost 29lbs on Lake Istopokga.  I have a ton of tournaments coming up so I won’t be writing any specific details as to how and where I’m catching my fish, but you can bet I’m covering a ton of water until I run into a batch of fish.  I do recommend looking up shallow for bedding areas and also keeping an eye on pre-spawn areas like the outside grasslines.  I’ve been catching my fish on a Gambler Big-EZ, Brovarney Swim Jig, Gambler Mega Daddy, and a spinnerbait.  The entire lake has potential to explode any day so keep the line wet and the trolling motor on HIGH!

I’m excited to announce my new sponsorship deal with Reins Tungsten Weights which everyone knows about unless you’ve been living under a rock as of late.  Reins features a heavyweight Pro-Staff featuring guys like Randall Tharp, JT Kenney, Ott Defoe and David Walker, so it’s a privilege to be given this opportunity to represent such a great company without a doubt the best tungsten weights on the market.  You can check them out online at www.optimumbaits.com or www.tacklewarehouse.com.  Reins makes the smallest tungsten weights on the market that makes penetrating heavy cover much more efficient and their matte finish is tough as nails.  Give yourself a treat and pick up a few.

Till next time,

Tigh Lines and great fishing!

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